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Best Boat Trailer Tire Reviews 2020 – Honest Opinion

A moving vehicle has many vital parts, and the heart is its engine. However, even with a fully functioning engine, you cannot move without one item- the tires. Well, if we are talking about a distant futuristic world, then we might not need tires at all! But till then, tires play an integral part in the movement.

Similarly, your boats, yachts, and trailers cannot move without tires either. So, how can we solve the dilemma? With the best boat trailer tires, of course! If you are spending a hefty amount on such vehicles, or even building one for yourself, you might as well bless the car with a pair of excellent tires.

Why You Need One?

The first answer is simple. A boat will be mostly on water, not using its tires while a car predominantly uses tires. So, you need a boat trailer specific tire for the environment alone. The marine environment has more moisture and less usage. So, even if your yacht and your car are of similar size, you cannot use a car tire on a boat.

Since you will not be using a boat on the road, the tires do not need to retain much traction. However, these products need to have thicker sidewalls. So, the engineering of these tires is very different.

The durability, speed, and mobility of trailer tires need to be very different from road tires. Besides, the range of sizes of the trailers is also not like vehicles on the roads. Boats and yachts tend to have more weight. So, if you were to use a car tire, it would deflate in a short period. You can only avoid that with the best boat trailer tires.

Hence, in simple terms, we can conclude that for vastly different environmental conditions, unfamiliar weight charts, and unique engineering, you would need the best tires for boat trailers.

Our Best Boat Trailer Tires Reviews

By now, you already know that road tires are not the same as marine tires. However, this has been widespread knowledge for a while now. The industry has been churning tires in bulk! Which means you have loads of options.

However, multiple boat trailer tire reviews and so many options are bound to confuse you. So, to resolve this puzzle, we have gathered the best of the best.

1. 15" White Spoke Trailer Wheel with Bias ST205/75D15 Tire Mounted (5x4.5) Bolt Circle

Often, you buy a tire, and you figure out that it is not compatible with your vehicle. As much of commercial waste, it is, it also means you have to keep looking for a tire that fits. How about a tire that is compatible with most known brands? That would surely make life so much easier.

Hence, you should undoubtedly look into Wheels Express Inc as they offer trailer tire models that are widely accepted and versatile. So, you can use them with brands such as Sun Tracker, Sea Ray, Triumph, and even Yamaha. With that many options, you practically cannot go wrong.

A boat tire can have four to eight lugs depending on its engineering. The Wheels Express White Spoke is a five lug tire, which means it has five holes where you need to use bolts. Also, the configuration for the lock is a 4.5 inch bolt circle. So, you need to make sure the bolts you have fit this ratio.

This model also has a high weight to dimension ratio. So, the tires can effectively hold its shape against the hefty boat. Although, you should always keep an eye on the air pressure inside the tires. Low pressure can cause damage to the overall lifespan of the tires. The tire itself is 38 pounds, and its weight rating is 1820 lbs.

Its maximum capacity is 50 PSI in terms of maintaining pressure. Any more pressure than this range will cause the tire to explode.

The tire has a proper aspect ratio, as well. The exterior has sharp ridges that can cut through the water current. Moreover, besides luxury brands, this model is also compatible with cargo trailer boats such as the T-Rex, Road Force, and Ranger.


  • Versatile with a wide range of luxury and cargo boats
  • Excellent aspect ratio
  • 1820 lbs holding capacity
  • 38-pound tire
  • Compatible with the marine environment


  • Weak sidewalls
  • Can leak through the rim

2. TRAILER KING ST Radial Tire-ST205/75R15 D 107L

Stability is a big issue with trailer tires. The trailer tire load range usually affects the way a tire can balance the ship. Hence, you often have questions about whether you need all your tires to have the same balance. If you are also someone with similar concerns, then surely check out the products from Trailer King.

The Trailer King products are like the brand suggests magnificent in the game. They have a very sturdy shell and can offer maximum stability to your motion. This factor is particularly useful for bigger yachts or ships. Because when the tires themselves lack balance, it will fail to hold the weight of the boat.

This tire weighs 22 pounds, which means it can hold above 1000 lbs with ease. The dimensions of the tire allow an even weight distribution, which in turn brings superior stability to the table.

If you have some idea about tires, then you know there are several tire designs such as solid, cross-drilled, and radial. Each model serves specific purposes.

The Trailer King tire is radial. So, the ridges run radially across the body of the tire and help in getting a smoother grip. Trailer tires need longer tread life rather than higher friction. With a radial design, you can achieve it with ease.

The maximum pressure inside the tire should not exceed 65 PSI. This feature is also favorable for the tire, which is a tubeless model.

The tire has improved shoulder design. As a result, it also increases the tread life to avoid increased heat that might cause an outburst. This radial tire has nylon over-lay on all sides that provide extreme durability while a center groove maintains stability.


  • Extremely dependable tire
  • 65 PSI limit
  • Radial tubeless tire
  • Superior durability and stability
  • Longer tread life


  • Mounting the tire can be troublesome

3. Freestar M-108 8 Ply D Load Radial Trailer Tire (2057515)

Although it is discouraged to use road tires for trailers, some people end up getting confused. They use trailer tires on vehicles such as cars, or trucks, and it creates a bit risk. The same theory applies to trailers. So, if you are on the hunt for tires explicitly made for containers, then the tires from Freestar should be perfect for you.

The company makes them exclusively for trailers. So, if you were to use them on-road vehicles, they will not fit. That is an easy indicator that the tire is not suitable.

There are different ways following which the tires are made exclusive. Mostly, engineering plays a significant role. It has 8-ply construction, which is a popular demand by the people but often not found.

So, having the 8-ply feature makes the tire more stable and allows it to carry more load. The tire itself is not much massive; it only weighs about 24 pounds, but it can comfortably carry 1820 lbs. With that capacity, you can cover the weight of the trailer in a heartbeat.

Another great thing about these products is it can provide you with great mileage within its service life. You can achieve more than 1000 miles without breaking any sweat. If you manage to keep the tires in dry condition, then you may even extend the life of the tire.

Do keep in mind that a trailer needs more than two tires. So, having an affordable price range is very important, which you can get from these models.

So, you can indulge in as many tires as you want. The diameter of the rim fit is 15 inches, which is standard for most trailer tires. Consequently, the product becomes versatile, as well. It has closely-knitted ridges that will offer a smooth glide while holding a large boat on top.


  • 24 pounds
  • Affordable
  • 8-ply construction
  • Stable and durable
  • Long mileage


  • Does not have the radial feature

4. Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire-ST205/75R15 107M 8-ply

 Carlisle 6H04591

The marine environment is notorious for causing tires to succumb to a bad state. Every time you unload your boat on to the trailer, it is inevitable that water will drip down and eventually reach the tires. So, the best way to avoid that is to get tires from Carlisle.

One of the best ways to protect the products against moisture and water is to start at the bottom. The manufacturing technique for such items needs to be top-notch. That is why Carlisle uses industrial-grade materials to produce tires for the trailers.

You want the tires to have thicker sidewalls. So that when water does drip, it takes time to penetrate deep.

You cannot make the surface slippery, which lets the water slip off, causing the trailer to lose its stability. So instead, you need to prepare a damage-resistant design. You can see such a plan in this model. It has rows of ridges that go in a straight line, and each seam is tightly packed. Hence, debris cannot make a home there.

The brand also uses innovative materials that improve the longevity of the product and allows the trailer to move at higher speeds. You will rarely find these combined qualities in one tire. So, the Carlisle products make a great deal.

However, they are costlier than most trailer tires. You do get your money's worth as the tires are relatively light but can carry impressive weight. The max weight capacity of this model is above 2000 lbs, which are astounding for any tire.

Since the tires itself are weightless, it can cover for the excess weight of the load and also provide better speed. Not that you need speed while towing your boat, but why deny free food, right?


  • Impressive weight capacity
  • Innovative tire design
  • Thicker sidewalls
  • Highly durable
  • Damage resistant


  • Costs more than common trailer tires

5. Carlisle Sport Trail LH Bias Trailer Tire - 5.30-12 LRB

Carlisle 6H01391

We have discussed a model from the same brand before, but if you happen to own just one small boat or yacht, then what is the point of purchasing a heavy-duty trailer tire? A wise investment would be to get tires that can comfortably support your boat but not cost much.

If you cannot find such a model, Carlisle has the perfect fit. It is a small tire that can hold above 800 pounds. Traditionally trailer tires are equipped with more capacity. However, they tend to be more expensive, as well. So, Carlisle decided to manufacture trailer specific tires.

The Sport Trail model is small and cost-effective. If you have misconceptions that the limited weight will be a hindrance, then do not worry, because this model is capable of carrying boats with ease. You have to factor the weight. Also, the pressure capacity of each tire is 55 PSI, which is standard for trailer tires.

Despite having a limited weight capacity, the interconnected tread blocks provide the tires superior strength. It makes the tread walls stronger, and water cannot penetrate as easily. Ultimately, the lifespan of the tire increases immensely. The tires also have a higher hauling capacity.

Another great feature is the model can avoid sudden tire blow-outs as it has a heat dissipation system installed. So, the tires do not get heated quickly.

The overall design of the tire matches with most well-known brands such as Triton, Karavan, and Alumacraft. You can use these items in the cargo trailer, as well. They can overcome the rough environment that cargos face.


  • Affordable
  • Suitable for smaller boat and yacht
  • 855-pound weight capacity
  • Superior tread blocks
  • Prolonged lifespan
  • Compatible with many brands
  • 55 PSI limit


  • Not recommended for big boats

6. Maxxis M8008 ST Radial Trailer Tire - 225/75R15 BSW

Maxxis 46119

Living beside a waterbody can also imply that you have to go through several rocks and a rough road on a daily basis. So, you need tires that are not only suitable for the marine environment but also can tackle the harshness of gritty streets.

In such a case, you need tires from Maxxis. They offer tires with stronger sidewalls as well as superior speed. We know that you need speed in case of a bumpy road to overcome the hurdle.

Otherwise, you would be stuck in one place, unable to move. Usually, trailer tires do not have much speed, but with Maxxis, you do not have to worry about that.

The products from this brand are especially fantastic for a rough road because of its shock absorbance capability. Most road tires already have this feature where the tires absorb the initial shock from the ground to protect the rims and brake pads. In-case of a bumpy road towards the sea, such a feature would be groundbreaking!

The tire is a radial trailer tire that makes perfect sense for a marine item. This radial feature means water cannot clog and create molds inside the tire. Also, the precise cut-outs from the tire will make a clear exit-way for the water. Maxxis models also have tread compounds expertly designed to reduce fuel consumption.

For extra strength and more towing weight stability, the tires have the construction of double steel. So, you get more durability, as well. Despite the double steal, the wheels weigh surprisingly less, only ten pounds. But perform amazingly well for heavy trailers.

The 10-ply rating system, of course, helps a lot with the load. So, the combination of new methods such as double steal and radial tire feature amps up the overall performance of Maxxis products.


  • Lightweight product
  • Durable and stable
  • Impressive strength
  • Radial tire
  • Excellent shock absorption capacity


  • Not suitable for smoother roads

7. Set of 2 Trailer Tires & Rims 480-8 4.80-8 4.80x8 8" B 4 Lug/4" Hole Bolt Wheel White Spoke

Roadstar P819

Rarely you can find tires for boat trailers that have a low weight capacity. Because people are more attracted to a higher weight. However, it does not do justice to your budget if your boat happens to be small. You are ultimately wasting money on a higher-value product that you do not even need.

That is why Roadstar thought of being inclusive and added a series of tires that are compatible with smaller boats or wooden boats. Now, you do not have to buy a model that will not be used to its full capacity. In turn, it is a great way to save money.

This model can hold a maximum of 590 lbs. With this limit, you can comfortably carry a wooden runabout or a sail-boat. You can exert 60 PSI pressure inside the tire to achieve a perfect balance. Any less pressure will cause the carrier to be wobbly, and more pressure will cause the tire to explode.

It is a comfortable product to work with, as it has simple instructions and precise constructions. There are four lugs of 4 inches on the tire that helps in aligning the tire, wheel, and trailer. It makes it easier for the user to clean and assemble again.

Although the tires are small, they are still powerful and can last for a long time. The outer exterior has little fuzz like substance that helps in better traction and grip. Overall, the design is also suitable for many luxury rides as well as cargo ships. But, you have to be careful that they stay within the weight capacity.


  • Easy maintenance
  • 590 lbs capacity
  • Affordable
  • Perfect for wooden boats
  • Easy to assemble
  • Superior traction


  • Cannot carry larger boats

8. ST175/80R13 LRC Rainier ST Radial Trailer Tire on 13" 5 Lug Galvanized Spoke Trailer Wheel

Rainier ST

Staying at a humid place where minimum friction can generate heat is a bad indicator for tires. High temperature is not a good friend for materials like rubber. Overtime it decays the material, and ultimately your tire suffers the loss. Luckily, Reiner ST has you covered with their model.

The ST LRC model is well equipped against harsh weather and heat as it has temperature grade rubber. So, the rubber has a higher resistance to heat, and it can stay cold for longer than most industrial-grade rubber.

The fact that the LRC model is galvanized also helps in heat dissipation. Consequently, your product stays protected and in fine form. The active avoidance of heat also generates better output as your tire can feel more lightweight now.

Unlike most tires, the Reiner model has some extra weight; about 27 pounds. With the extra weight and innovative construction, these tires can hold 1360 lbs. Even though the number seems random, do not cross that weight, as it may have a detrimental effect on the tires.

The tire is a radial type and has five lug mechanism. You can fill the tires with a maximum of 55 PSI limit pressure. Additionally, you must take caution that the nuts are appropriately screwed back as the tire can slowly deflate, and moving with a flat tire induces extra rubbing and friction. As a result, the tire wears out quickly.


  • Compatible with many models
  • Heavy-duty tire
  • Temperature grade material
  • Can carry up to 1360 lbs


  • The ridges are not as deep

9. 2 New Premium WINDA Trailer Tires ST 205/75R14 8PR Load Range D

Grand Ride  205/75R14

Often marine trailer tires are overlooked in terms of safety. Since the movement of towing to unloading is not that much, manufacturers feel like it is an extra investment. The users are also comfortable with the decision. However, that should not be the case.

Hence, the Grand Ride came out with models of their own that focus on safety alongside output and durability. Among different features, this model has a nylon cap ply. We know that tires can get heated very quickly due to friction. So, using nylon caps is a brilliant idea as this material is widely known as an excellent insulator.

This insulating capacity means that the exterior with the nylon cap will not get heated as quickly. Nylon is also synthetic. It works hand in hand with rubber to increase the durability factor of the tires.

By now, you already know how vital sidewall thickness is for marine tires. This grand ride model takes care of this, too, with their 'scruff guard' ring. The rings bring superior strength and protect the tire from the sides.

These radial tires are eight-ply rated with a ‘D’ labeled load range. So, it can bear massive weight with its 45-pound tires. The steel-belted design of the tires adds to the load while making it more stable.

And, the best part, these tires have a speed rating “L,” meaning you can go at a speed of 75mph without inflicting major damage to the tires.


  • Superior safety features
  • Nylon cap
  • Scruff guard rings
  • Eight-ply rated


  • Heavyweight tires

10. 4PCS ST205/75R15 8 PLY D Load Radial Boat RV Camper Cargo Trailer Tires 2057515 8Ply 107/102L


A trailer needs more than two tires, and if the boat is significant, the carrier might even require more than six tires. It is troublesome to gather that many tires of the same size and capacity, and often you get stocked out.

However, Sunroad has you covered with their economical pack of 4 trailer tires. They include four similar tires of high-quality material. So, you are relieved of having to search for the same tire in a million different places. The designers classify the tires as ‘D’ rated models.

Hence, they can carry a massive load. Typically, the Sunroad products can carry about 2150 lbs. That limit is extraordinary for such products. With the bonus of homogenous tires, you will not have to worry about losing balance.

These tires have an overall diameter of 27.1 inches. It is a satisfactory dimension for a marine tire. With such specifications, the product can carry larger boats with comfort. It can also achieve proper speed while carrying the load.

If the convenience of a pack is not enough, you can also enjoy the fantastic versatility of these products. They work hand in hand with big boat brands as well as famous utility cargo. So, you cannot go wrong with a Sunroad tire.


  • Convenient package deal
  • D-range tire
  • Economical
  • Massive weight load capacity
  • 65 PSI limit


  • Not recommended for smaller boats

What to Look for before Buying?

While it is essential to know your choices, you should also know about individual features. Each feature makes the tires suitable for a different region, climate, and person.

So, among many best boat trailer tires reviews, our review also offers a section where you can know about all the small details that make a trailer tire amazing.


One of the main reasons why you need an entirely different kind of tire for your boat trailers is because the land tires are not durable. The condition around an aquatic body is not suitable for road tires, which is why they end up getting flattened overtime. Hence, you need tires that are durable and sturdy.

Boat trailer tires in specific are more water-resistant; hence, they last longer than their counterparts. However, you should still check the time of production of a marine tire as external moisture has a continual effect on its performance. On average, a standard tire should last you more than five years.

Weight Capacity

Specific weight and load factor of any marine tire are vital. Without knowing the limit, you will not be able to know which model to purchase. Even before buying your carrier tire, you should have an idea of the weight of your boat or yacht. Because the accumulated weight will be carried by the tires.

The tires will distribute the overall weight of the load individually. However, if the total weight is more than what the tires can hold, one or more tire can deflate either instantly or over time. So, it is wiser to follow the weight limit.

Usually, a standard tire can hold more than 1000 lbs. There are tires meant for smaller boats with less weight too.


Although, not so crucial while carrying boats, the speed rating does matter for more solid objects. The purpose of the trailer is to tow the ship to the water and bring it from the waterbody. It does not need any speeding. However, if the boat is huge and the tire cannot generate any speed, then the trailer will not go anywhere.

It has to cover minimum speed to overcome its weight to gain some momentum. Besides that, on gritty streets where there are a lot of pebbles and dust, the tires should have the capability to generate speed. But, you need more speed on an uneven, bumpy road.


You already know that your marine tires need to be extra-durable and stable. But how do you achieve that? Well, your tires need to bring more strength to the table. For that, you need more water-resistant material and thicker sidewalls. This factor will enable the product to sustain its shape for a long time and also keep the water out.

You need to make sure the tires are not getting oxidized, which can quickly wear down a tire. If you play your cards right with appropriate pressure and weight, then the tire will be able to maintain its strength comfortably.

Type of Tire

Land tires have different types, such as radial, tubed, and tubeless. All these diversity plays a part in varying climate and region. However, when it comes to a marine tire, there are only two types- radial and bias-ply tires. Both these kinds have individual features, and people value them differently.

Type of Tire

If you are more into sidewall strength and more grip action, then you should choose a ply-tire. The cross-hatch design gives the walls more power. Hence, the inside force from the cross-hatch also allows for higher friction.

On the other hand, if you need more stability and longevity, then without a doubt, go for radial tires. The designers placed the steel belts underneath these products, which provides more security. In turn, it increases the tires' service life.


The assumption of size is crucial but straightforward. It is a no brainer that if your boat is large, your trailer should be large enough to accommodate the ship.

Consequently, the tires supporting the carrier will also be more prominent in size. In most cases, a standard boat trailer tires is 15 inches. This difference can vary based on your boat size.

You can surely find smaller products that are less than 15 inches, but those are only suitable for a small yacht. So, it is wise to select tires that are versatile and will fit most trailers. A versatile tire can also carry different models of ships.

However, all the tires on the same carrier should be of the same size. Otherwise, you will create an imbalance.

Pressure Limit

Besides the synthetic rubber exterior and metal rims, the interior of a tire is mainly full of air pressure. This pressure gives the item its girth while the rubber exterior forms the shape.

The limit of the tire needs to be strictly maintained; otherwise, you can risk pre-mature outbursts of the product. Inflating the tool over the limit can also create hindrance during movement.

You should also check whether all the tires on a trailer has the same pressure. Doing so will ensure maximum balance. If the carrier is slightly off-balanced, it may lead to damaging consequences when you place a considerable load on the trailer. So, balance across the tires is necessary.


Since a trailer tire is not meant to travel a long distance, your tire does not have to have firm grip power. Usually, this factor comes into play during high-speed movement when a sudden brake is crucial. If you cannot stop on time, an accident is inevitable. But in case of a boat, you do not have to worry about that.

However, the load on top of the trailer will be hefty. So, the tires need to hold their position before movement. If the products have zero grips, it will just start to slip on the surface. These products should have grooves to avoid that, and ridges to artificially generate more exceptional grip.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How to align boat trailer tires?

You have to measure from the center, diagonally to the spindle. The center of the tire is also known as the coupler. So, measure from the coupler to the center and make sure you measure from the same spot.

2. How to grease?

You have to take apart the entire tire, starting from the lug nuts to the seal to get to the bearings. Replace the grease seal from the previous time. Be sure to discard it. Then clean the bearings and grease them again. Clean the individual pieces and assemble.

3. How often should you replace boat trailer tires?

Each tire has its own shelf life. However, a standard trailer tire should last for up to 6 or 7 years. So, every six years, you should change the items.

4. What PSI should boat trailer tires have?

Well, known brands usually have a PSI range from 60 and above. However, tires with 55 PSI can also work smoothly.

5. How much are the boat trailer tires?

Standard quality trailer tires range somewhere between 40 to 70 dollars. However, some brands charge even more for higher quality.

6. How to replace the boat trailer tires?

Start by placing a car jack to remove the nuts and tires. Then place the edge of the wheel on to the tires to adjust. After the tire is on, fill it up using a compressor and attach the tire on to the trailer.

Final Word

With all the information gathered from the article, you can surely gauge the absolute need for trailer tires. Your boat will sustain a great deal of damage without a dependable pair of such an item. Before thinking about the cons of the best boat trailer tires, you should consider the costly damage your boat will endure.

Hence, save your boat and your wallet from unnecessary expenditure and invest in a pair of A-grade trailer tire!

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