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how to tell if boat battery is bad

Boat owners should know how to tell if the boat battery is bad. There are certain signs that a bad battery shows which will inform you of its present state. Some of which include the boat not starting, voltage below 12 volts, and failing in load test. Our team at assembled the top information […]

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Jon boat vs. Kayak

When we talk about boats, both the kayak and Jon boat remain the best for various reasons. These boats are used by anglers, hunters, surfers, and water sports lovers. Choosing between them is easy when you know their features and what tells them apart. The Boating Buddy team has you covered.  And in case you […]

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Do boats depreciate faster than cars?

Before you decide to buy a boat or a car, it is advisable to know which one depreciates faster. You are likely to get more money back if you buy a boat or a car that will retain its high value after some time.  The Boating Buddy team has this topic covered! What determines the […]

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How does an inboard boat transmission work

In trying to understand how an inboard boat transmission works, you must first recognize the significant role it plays in getting you safely to your destination. There’s also the need to understand that the boat inboard transmission has no similarities with a car’s transmission even though they share similar nomenclature. The device in the car […]

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Does Boat Color Affect Fishing

Like many anglers, do you also wonder if the color of your boat affects your fishing activities? Well, you can have your boat in any color as the color of the boat doesn’t affect fishing. Except for the color white which is supposedly speculated to scare fish. The only debate you shouldn’t have with yourself […]

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Should you cover your boat when it rains?

Boats are important investments, so yes, they should be protected from the elements. Just as you would not leave your convertible top car open in the rain, you should always make sure that your boat is covered when it rains. Leaving your boat in the rain can damage several functions of the vessel. Certainly, the […]

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Should I cover my boat every night?

Boat covering is very important as it saves your boat from an early ruin and your pocket from recurring costs on fixing things. For boats left outside, they are exposed to the natural elements and the environment so keeping a cover on at night is a good way to go. You might not need to […]

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How to Cover a Boat in Water

Boats are and would always be amongst the finer things of life. Owning a boat comes with a sense of responsibility for it. Although, it’s a boat and you’d think it’s water-friendly but that’s on the exterior. The interior on the other hand is not. Unless you want your boat looking like something the moss […]

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Do Boats have VIN Numbers?

No, they do not but keep reading to find out how to register boats without a VIN. Boats are amazing to have especially if you are surrounded by the water. If you love the ocean and find it amazing to see these beauties line up beside each other in a harbor, then you already have […]

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Towing a Boat with a Car

Towing a boat with a car isn’t a difficult thing even if you are just doing it for the first time. Whether it is your new Lund boat or Pontoon, you will have to get it to the waterfront at some point in your life. After all, a boat can’t maximize its full potential by […]

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Jon Boat Storage Ideas

Have you ever experienced what it feels like to be on a boat with little storage space? Aside from worrying about getting to your destination, you have to worry about where to place your valuable items. Well, you are not alone. In a vessel like Jon boat, you are more likely to experience this.  However, […]

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How shallow can a Jon Boat run

Jon boats are the popular choice for shallow inland water. A peculiar trait of this type of boat is its flat or nearly flat bottom although; it is quite different from the regular flat bottom boat. It is very simple, small, and light and is known for running sweetly on shallow waters Knowing the depth […]

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How to Carpet a Jon Boat

There is no special knowledge of how to carpet a Jon boat, although there are guidelines and procedures that will help you do it easily. The most important things to consider are getting the right measurement of the deck surface and reinstalling the objects that may get in the way of carpeting your Jon boat. […]

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How to Drain Anti-freeze from a Boat Engine

Although it doesn’t happen often and it does not need special technical know-how, you should know how to drain antifreeze from a boat engine if you want your boat engine to continuously perform at its optimal ability and save yourself some cost on servicing your boat. Antifreeze is a combination of propylene glycol and water […]

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