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How Do Boats Float?

There will be very few people living on this earth who are not familiar with a boat. Because we live in a place called planet earth, which is almost mostly filled with water. Even many of us might also think that what would be the reason behind the floating of a boat on the water while […]

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How to Repair a Fiberglass Boat?

Even the fiberglass boats that are only used once in a while suffer from spider webcracks at least. There’s nothing more disheartening than seeing scuffs and chips, holes, and cracks on boats for the boat owners. However, due to its unique characteristics, you can DIY repair it! A splash of care and skills along with some […]

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How to be a Boat Captain?

If you find solace in spending days or even weeks cruising along the sea, traveling to different and often exotic locations, being a boat captain is certainly a skill you should acquire, whether as a hobby or as a profession. However, there are certain aspects such as knowledge of maritime practices and law, and leadership experience […]

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What is the Difference between a Boat and a Ship?

The difference between a boat and a ship has become a space for debate, and arguably a fascinating question when considering the technicalities of both the sea-vessels. Also, the purpose and design of both types of carriers have been ever-dynamic and often controversial since the industrial revolution, which constructed new mechanical varieties of propulsion. Traditionally, people differentiate […]

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How Much Do Different Boats Weigh?

Boats are being used for transportation and fishing since the prehistoric times. Depending on the tradition, available materials, and purpose of use, the size and design of boats vary from place to place. There are hundreds of different types of boats available throughout the world. And each of them weighs differently. Nevertheless, after reading this article, you’ll […]

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How to Get a Boating License in the US?

In the US, over the recent years, the rules for getting your boating license have changed. Even for recreational purposes, commandeering your own vessel requires you to have a government certified permit. This was easier to obtain before; however, now it requires you to go through the course and sit for a practical exam. Nevertheless, you need […]

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