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How Long Will A Boat Battery Stay Charged?

Batteries are the life of every piece of equipment and if you love your boat, you should take care of them. Chargers are the second most important thing for your boat. How does it feel to remain stranded in the ocean all by yourself because your boat battery went out? Worst of all, you don’t have […]

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How to Anchor a Boat on a Fishing Spot

For most experienced anglers, being close to a fishing spot isn’t all there is to have a bountiful fishing expenditure; it is more about if you know how to anchor a boat to a fishing spot and doing it right. It requires aligning your boat with the current and remaining at a safe distance from […]

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Do Outboard Motors have Titles?

Some regulations bind the use of outboard motors; while these regulations may differ with states and countries, one of such regulations covers titling your outboard motors. An outboard motor is the internal combustion engine that mounts at the stem of a small boat, and while it may be general knowledge that you need titles for […]

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What Size Anchor Do I Need for a 25-foot boat?

Anchors are perfect for keeping a boat firmly in place; you don’t need a rocket scientist for that deduction. However, the pressing question could be what weight or size anchor would be perfect for your boat. Well, it is safe to say there is no specific answer for the question, seeing that the befitting weight […]

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Do Boats Have Brakes?

Almost all automobiles, at least the ones we mostly use, such as cars and trucks, can easily stop by applying their brakes; however, do boats have brakes? This question has riddled the mind and has had many people new to boating wonder how they can stop their boats almost instantaneously if there are no brakes. […]

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How to test a boat motor out of water

An essential aspect of your boat’s maintenance routing is testing the motor out of water. You can flush the motor and test its functionality to ensure that it is always in good working condition. Testing a boat motor out of water There are two methods for testing your boat motor out of water. Method 1 […]

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What Is a Runabout Boat?

A boat is a type of vessel that floats on water. It can be used for many purposes, such as transportation, fishing, and recreation. Boats are available in different types, sizes, and designs to suit the needs of the people who use them. In this article, we will take a look at what is a […]

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Why Did They Make Tri-hull Boats?

So, why did they make tri-hull boats? Well, as it turns out, the answer is very simple. In fact, you probably already know it!   Tri-hull boats were designed to be more stable in rough seas and allow for more cargo space. But this article isn’t about what made tri-hull boats such a good idea; […]

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How to install a Radio in a Boat

If you’re looking for the optimal solution to your need of installing a radio in your boat, you may be wondering what that is. There are many different things that people do when they need to install a radio in their boat, but these are some of the better and more common ones. In this […]

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Do Fuel Stabilizers Actually Work?

Do fuel stabilizers actually work? There’s a lot of misconceptions about fuel stabilizers and how they work. Fuel stabilizer is typically recommended for users of diesel engines that idle frequently or operate in extremely cold weather. It can also be used on older gasoline engines to help prevent the formation of sludge on the cylinder […]

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Are Boston Whalers a Good Boat?

Since the company’s foundation more than 60 years ago, Boston Whaler has remained a favorite of boaters and fishermen. The brand has numerous models of boats, and they remain hugely popular. But is popularity proof of the brand’s quality? Are Boston Whalers a good boat? In this post, we will try to find an answer.A […]

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